Best Indoor Cycling Desk - Wahoo Kickr Desk Alternative

Medical overbeds are the perfect
portable desks / stands for indoor cycling
(Updated 9/29/2017) More and more people are cycling indoors regardless of the weather outside. Cycling indoors can be a safe, effective, and time-efficient way to improve your cycling. New software tools, like Trainer Road and Zwift, help keep boredom away, while trainers, like Cyclops' Hammer and Wahoo's Kickr, provide a realistic ride and feel.
Regardless of your hardware and software choices, everyone needs a stand to place water bottles, food and gels, towels, computers, tablets, phones and more. My favorite cheap solution ($50) is the Vaunn Medical Adjustable Overbed.

For those unfamiliar, medical overbeds are designed to have a telescoping table platform, slide underneath the bed of a patient, and are for tasks like eating & tv watching. However, they make excellent indoor cycling desks, media carts, and laptop stands.

In lowest (28 highest) and
highest (40 inches) positions
The Eva Medical Overbed has the following benefits:
  • Adjusts from 28 inches to 40 inches.
  • Has wheels and can be moved easily both for storage or in case you need to adjust the position while cycling. 
  • The height of the table can be adjusted easily with one hand.
  • Stable base with large platform for all your computer, water, and food needs
  • Easy to put together (less than 10 minutes)
  • Inexpensive
In addition to using the medical overbed as a cycling stand, I have learned to use it in other ways including:
Putting the bike back together on a
nice & sunny Wisconsin summer day

Bike Maintenance 
- I will set a towel on top and place all the tools I will need for the job. The telescoping up/down platform is easy to do one-handed and the table moves smoothly.

Laying in the bed with the boots - using recovery compression boots and a laptop, although doable, sometimes I prefer to use the overbed as a more stable platform that isn't going up and down with the expansion and contraction of the boots. As a true TV Tray - I will admit, I have never actually used this as a TV tray, but I would presume many people could.

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