Friday, October 21, 2016

Best $50 Indoor Bike Trainer Stand / Desk for Wahoo, Computrainer, Saris, Tacx

Medical overbeds are the perfect
portable desks / stands for indoor cycling
The days of beautiful riding are clearly coming to an end in the Northern Hemisphere. I say clearly, because despite snow-birding, and being oblivious to weather changes, I am seeing a noticeable uptick in the number of inquiries to what portable stand I recommend for indoor cycling. I thought the topic warranted a short post so here is my current solution - Eva Medical Adjustable Overbed. Please note, this is my portable stand review.

Simply put, the medical overbed, is easily the best $50 I spent all year. Whether you have a Computrainer, Cycleops, Wahoo Kickr & Snap, Tacx, Kurt Kinetic, rollers or any other indoor bike trainer, this overbed serves a legitimate purpose in any pain cave as a very viable and versatile stand.

For those unfamiliar, medical overbeds are designed to have a telescoping table platform, slide underneath the bed of a patient, and are for tasks like eating & tv watching. However, they make excellent indoor cycling desks, media carts, and laptop stands. This particular one measures 40 inches tall at its max. Personally, I use the medical overbed in different ways that include:
In lowest and highest positions
  1. Placed in front of my handlebars for entertainment viewing of Netflix shows, movies, and races. The medical overbed provides a sound platform for easy laptop viewing. Simple height adjustment with one hand, and even while riding, allows one to have the perfect viewing angle without craning the neck. There is plenty of room for fluids and food as well that are easily in reach.
  2. Placed behind the front wheel of the bike for working purpose - now this might not work for everyone. Depending on your height, stem length, leg length, bike position, etc you might not be able to do this, but I find myself needing to multi-task on my easy Z1/Z2 or recovery rides. I place my laptop on it and actually do real work as I spin.
  3. If I am not working and not watching, that means I am doing some serious riding. I will spin the overbed besides me and place extra hydration, and towels in close reach so I can grab them reliably after a high-intensity interval. I also like to keep my phone handy so I can check up on social media during the recovery period between intervals.
Those are the basic ways I use the desk for cycling, but because of its superior portability I have learned to use it for other tasks including:
Putting the bike back together on a
nice & sunny Wisconsin summer day
Bike Maintenance - I love doing bike maintenance with this desk. I will set a towel on top and place all the tools I will need for the job. The telescoping up/down platform is easy to do one-handed and the table moves smoothly. Make shift standing desk - I find myself using the desk as a impromptu standing desk. As an example, I might have the laptop on the desk as I place my leg over a couch or bed and perform some gentle stretching as I work for a few minutes. Laying in the bed with the boots - using the recovery boots and a laptop, although doable, sometimes I prefer to use the overbed as a more stable platform that isn't going up and down with the expansion and contraction of the boots. As a true TV Tray - I will admit, I have never actually used this as a TV tray, but I would presume many people could. Caveats. although the medical overbed works for my needs, and easily supports a laptop, some bottles and plenty more, it isn’t meant to hold 200 lbs. It is sturdy, but it is only supported on one side. Having support on the other side would make it much more sturdy but you would also lose functionality such as being able to slide it behind the front wheel of the bike or underneath your bed.
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