Air Relax Black Friday Coupon Code

New hip shorts from Air Relax
Air Relax's 2017 Black Friday sale is now over but you can still save $20+ on an Air Relax system with the monthly coupon code found in my Air Relax vs Normatec review. I don't anticipate another sale on these any time in the near future - in fact I expect just the opposite - a rise in price as manufacturing costs increase.

For what it is worth, in the last 18 months I can only think of two sales Air Relax has had and both happened on Black Friday. Those hoping for another Christmas / holiday sale will likely be disappointed.

Note, $20 offer is only valid on AirRelax's website and is NOT valid at AirRelax on Amazon 

Keep in mind the price of Air Relax is based on the size. The larger the size the higher the price.

I also did a short review with some pictures of Air Relax's new carrying case for those interested. 

Normatec Holiday Sale - $200 off Recovery Compression Boots

Normatec is running their holiday sale where you can save $200 on a pair of Normatec Recovery Compression Boots. Pulse systems are normally $1495 but are currently marked down to $1395 for the holidays and you can stack it with coupon code RecoverFaster17 to save an additional $100 to bring the price down to $1295 

Clicking thru to Normatec following link will pre-populate the coupon code but if not you can enter RecoverFaster17 at checkout. The $100 off will show up on the page after the coupon code NOT on the coupon code page itself. Picture attached below of final checkout.

Air Relax Travel Carrying Case For Recovery Compression Boots Systems

NEW Air Relax Travel Bag
Here is a short review of Air Relax's NEW $80 travel case. You can always save 5% on the new case, recovery compression boots, and hip shorts on Air Relax's website with: 

- Oct 2018 discount coupon code: OK3F10TG

If you travel with your Air Relax system or you just want to keep the house tidy then this is a MUST have accessory. It is a great way to stay organized and travel with your Air Relax system and protect your investment.

The bag itself is a well thought out bag with extra room for additional gear and clothes. The bag itself has a soft shell that is made of high-quality nylon and is built with thick padding for extra protection. It features:

  • Removable shoulder strap and main compartment divider insert
  • 1 large front zippered pocket with two mesh compartments and two non-mesh compartments
  • Built-in elastic waterproof shell. Tucks away in small side pocket and snaps around entire bag for added water-resistance
  • YKK zippers
  • Velcro attachment flap and buckle for extra security 
  • Colors: black only
  • Exterior Dimension: 18" X 9" X 8"
There is easily enough room for a pair of legs, shoulders, head unit and more. I traveled a couple of times with the bag and it has been a great way to stay organized. I pack it the night before with everything the Air Relax system needs plus other recovery tools that I like to use and I have made it a total RECOVERY bag. I have had no complaints other than questioning why Air Relax didn't come out with this bag sooner.

This bag makes a great alternative to Normatec's Pulse hardshell case ($160). The longer shape and softshell design make it comfortable to carry with the shoulder strap.

As of right now the only way to purchase the bag is direct thru Air Relax. The bag is $80 and as always you can save 5% with the coupon code below:

Front zippered compartments where
I keep 'other' recovery tools

Waterproof snap-around shell

Normatec Hardshell (taller) vs
Air Relax Soft Shell (longer)

Normatec Hardshell (taller) vs
Air Relax Soft Shell (longer)