Amazon Zero Gravity Recovery Chairs for Air Relax and Normatec Recovery Compression Boots

With the popularity of recovery compression boots I occasionally get asked about those chairs you sit in at Ironman triathlon and marathon expos while relaxing. Those chairs are called Zero Gravity Chairs and can be seasonally purchased at your local Wal-mart, Target, and Costco but they are also readily available year round from Amazon with free shipping for Prime members. The price is usually $30-$40 for one or two for $50-$60.

Zero gravity chairs are actually really nice comfortable chairs that you can set up in your home gym and patio, but are also very portable and can be brought along for camping or sporting events. They do work great for lounging in your recovery compression boots, and while lifting your legs up certainly does not hurt, they don't make recovery boots any more or less effective in my experience. Personally, at home, I prefer to lay in bed or on the couch with my boots.


Amazon Basics Zero Gravity Chairs - $39.99
FDW Zero Gravity Chairs 2-pack - $53.99
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Athlete Blood Test Coupon Code - Save 10%

I am working with Athlete Blood Test again in 2018 to increase awareness of wellness blood testing. This isn't blood testing for sickness and because it is wellness testing it usually falls outside of insurance reimbursement. However it is the perfect solution for those that are: time-crunched, may have high-deductible insurance, or just have a desire to be more proactive and less reactive in an otherwise complex health care system.

With ABT you get the tests you want and the process is simple. Just order your test at - save 10% with Athlete Blood Test coupon code: bloodtest10.

Dr. Rock and ABT will submit your blood draw request after you order. You head to a Labcorp at your convenience - either walk-in or schedule an appointment - and get your full ABT report sent to your email in just a few days. You can also add on a phone consult if you would like for an additional cost.

I wrote two blog posts in 2017 that included my test results.  Each post also explains a little more about the process. Those posts can be read here:

Q1 2017 Thomas Gerlach Blood Test
Q3 2017 Thomas Gerlach Blood Test

Air Relax Black Friday Coupon Code

New hip shorts from Air Relax
Air Relax's 2017 Black Friday sale is now over but you can still save $20+ on an Air Relax system with the monthly coupon code found in my Air Relax vs Normatec review. I don't anticipate another sale on these any time in the near future - in fact I expect just the opposite - a rise in price as manufacturing costs increase.

For what it is worth, in the last 18 months I can only think of two sales Air Relax has had and both happened on Black Friday. Those hoping for another Christmas / holiday sale will likely be disappointed.

Note, $20 offer is only valid on AirRelax's website and is NOT valid at AirRelax on Amazon 

Keep in mind the price of Air Relax is based on the size. The larger the size the higher the price.

I also did a short review with some pictures of Air Relax's new carrying case for those interested.