Pedal the Perimeter - Matt "BikerBroshat" EPIC USA Cycling Trip

Pedal the Perimeter Bike Trip
For readers who may be interested, my cousin, Matt  "BikerBroshat" Broshat, is attempting to bike the Perimeter of the USA #PedalThePerimeter. His trip is starting today, August 8th, 2018, and he is planning on taking about 6 months to complete his journey. This will be a self-supported ride with a bike that is built to carry all his gear and camping equipment - it is not a fast bike but he hopes to ride 60 miles a day.

I am sure he will need plenty of help, a wash of clothes, and a place to stay on his route. Being the athlete myself, I know what this is going to take logistically, solo, so there are no hard dates about where he will be, and when, but follow his Instagram account for updates. I am sure he would be appreciative of any support. Matt is a very religious person and kind person who has committed, even in cold and blustery Minnesota winters, to commuting and traveling by bike. His goal is to raise $25,000 for a youth group for special needs kids. Matt has been involved in helping these kids live a better lives through his own donation of time. Stay safe Matt!

- Donate to Matt's choice of charity