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Why Cobb Saddles??? - Simply the best saddles in the industry

- 60-day trial period!!! Ride the saddle for 60-days. If it doesn't work send it back for a refund. Finding a saddle can be an expensive process of trial-and-error. Cobb saddles eliminates this expense and hassle.

- Wide variety of saddles to uniquely fit your needs!!! No saddle is for everyone, but John Cobb has a lifetime of experience in bike fits and saddle design. He helped design the popular ISM saddles. He took his knowledge of saddles and bike fits and created a variety of saddles designed to meet the specific needs of different genders, anatomies, riding styles, and rider goals. They have a saddle for nearly everyone.

- Fit chart or personalized phone recommendation!!! Check out their Seat Selector Guide to start, but if you need a personal recommendation based on your own body type, fit, and riding style, they would be happy to recommend the saddle that is most likely to work for you. Call them at (903) 253-8555 or email

- Specific Women's Section and Adviser - Visit the special Women's Section on Cobb Cycling or call Cobb Cycling and ask for Rachel Olson. It is part of Rachel's role to discuss specific fit issues for women. She is a very talented triathlete / cyclist and has lots of experience in fitting women on their bikes and their own specific needs.

My Personal Experience with Cobb

I've been using Cobb saddles since 2009. Before Cobb I tried every saddle under the sun including many different ISM, Profile Design, Fizik and Specialized saddles before finally finding comfort on the V-Flow Plus. I went thru 25+ saddles before Cobb. I used the V-Flow Plus for about a year on my TT bike with the V-Flow Plus. I was told by someone I might like the Max even more and so I gave it a shot and I have been on a V-Flow Max ever since. I started working with Cobb professionally in 2014 and I am still on the Max nearly 7 years later. I am currently on the JOF Randee for my road bike and mountain bike saddle.

Lastly if you are a triathlete or endurance athlete, I am setting up a FREE Q&A group on Facebook. Feel free to ask any question you might have about Cobb Saddles or anything else.