Athlete Blood Test Coupon Code - Save 10%

I am working with Athlete Blood Test again in 2018 to increase awareness of wellness blood testing. This isn't blood testing for sickness and because it is wellness testing it usually falls outside of insurance reimbursement. However it is the perfect solution for those that are: time-crunched, may have high-deductible insurance, or just have a desire to be more proactive and less reactive in an otherwise complex health care system.

With ABT you get the tests you want and the process is simple. Just order your test at - save 10% with Athlete Blood Test coupon code: bloodtest10.

Dr. Rock and ABT will submit your blood draw request after you order. You head to a Labcorp at your convenience - either walk-in or schedule an appointment - and get your full ABT report sent to your email in just a few days. You can also add on a phone consult if you would like for an additional cost.

I wrote two blog posts in 2017 that included my test results.  Each post also explains a little more about the process. Those posts can be read here:

Q1 2017 Thomas Gerlach Blood Test
Q3 2017 Thomas Gerlach Blood Test


  1. Thomas,
    Sent you a message before realizing I could comment here.
    Endurance training can suppress testosterone and upset hormonal balance in general, especially against the backdrop of a high carbohydrate diet.
    If you emphasize low intensity movement by keeping HR at or below (180-age) while supplementing with short, high intensity intervals during key periods of buildup during the race season, you set the stage for better hormonal balance, less free radical oxidative stress, mitochondrial biogenesis and increased mitochondrial efficiency if you couple this with a reduction in carbohydrate intake.

    1. Donald,

      Yes this is very true. Unfortunately as professional endurance athletes most of us are waking a fine line between just the right amount of stress and too much. It can be a difficult balance act and part of why proactive blood tests are important in identifying issues before they rise.

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