Cobb Cycling was started by legendary bike fitter and seat designer John Cobb. Cobb Cycling makes the best saddles on the market while offering an industry best, no-risk 60-day trial period.. Save 10% at Cobb Cycling by clicking here.

MgSport - makes high-quality magnesium supplements that have GMP certification (Good Manufacturing Practices) and use magnesium that is 3X more absorable compared to the magnesium found in most store-bought supplements. To learn more and save 20% please click here.
Base Performance is a sport supplement company started by legendary Ironman uber biker Chris Lieto. The company grew it roots with their Base Electrolyte Salt which kept endurance athletes from a dangerous "hyponatremic" state. I use their Base Hydro in combination with their Electrolyte Salt and Amino in a concoction known as "Rocket Fuel". Save 15% by visiting here.


PowerBar has been a leader in sports nutrition for the past thirty years. Designed with you in mind, their wide selection of Protein, Endurance Nutrition, Energy and Wholesome Snacking products is crafted from simple, fruitful ingredients, so you’re always ready, eating the best to give it your best.

PowerCranks makers of the original independent cranks to facilitate smoother pedaling mechanics that force me to engage my core, all in a design that allows me to adjust crank length at a moments notice.

Ice Friction makers of the "Iced Chain". A specifically formulated chain with an "ice" like coating that doesn't need traditional lubrication and saves up to 80 seconds per hour over of a standard chain.