Base Salt Coupon Code Promotion Rocket Fuel Aminio Hyrdo

Use Coupon Code Base15 at checkout 
For anyone interested in saving a few dollars on their Base Salt, Amino, Hydro or any other Base Performance product, please use Base Coupon code Base15 at

Base products are also available via Amazon Prime and available at

As for my own personal usage, well I have been using Base "Rocket Fuel" since September 2015. It started with my victory at Ironman Wisconsin and has led to Ironman finishes of 8:20 and Ironman 70.3 finish of 3:55. For me, I use 3-4 scoops of Hydro, a scoop of Amino, and depending on how hot it is, I will use 3-5 scoops of salt per bottle. 2 bottles for 70.3s.

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