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Direct manufacturer/company sponsorship is the primary way triathletes make a living. The problem is that in sponsorship contracts you sign away your rights to talk about the company in any such way besides beaming optimism. You can't be critical of your sponsors and you have to promote their AGENDA. 

Simply put, I don't want to work that way. I want to talk authentically about products that I love and genuinely use whether or not I am a sponsored athlete of those brands. Maybe I like one product from a company but not another, I can DO THAT and remain authentic.

This model is only accomplished by partnering with the etailers below that allow me to pick and choose the products I want to recommend, not what sponsors want me to preach. Following these links, and various ones throughout this website, allow me a small charge for referrals but do not increase your cost and allow me to stay as authentic as my personality demands.

Thank you for your support!!! 

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If you have an invoice to pay or just would like to contribute directly for something I did then please use the following Paypal link.


You can also make contributions on my behalf to my preferred charity Rails-to-Trails, which focuses on making trails from old railroad lines.  What a practical way to use space that already exists!!!
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