Black Friday Compression Boots Discount Coupon Code Sales - Normatec vs Speed Hound vs Air Relax

The following Black Friday / holiday discount coupon code sales exist in the recovery compression boot space for Normatec (Save $210), Speed Hound (Save $100), and Air Relax (Save $45).

Normatec - Save $210 on Normatec thru Black Friday weekend, no coupon necessary. This is an extra $50 off for the Black Friday weekend, then the promotion will revert back to $100 off for the rest of the holiday season up thru New Years. If you purchase via Amazon and use their Amazon Prime Visa then you can save an additional 5% off for a total of $210 off and effectively makes them $1085. Purchasing via Amazon also offers Amazon's outstanding customer service, longer holiday return period (Jan 31st 2020), and potentially same-day delivery.

Speed Hound - Save $100 with Speedhound Black Friday coupon code for $100 off is TG100. Sale runs thru Dec 8th. Beyond those dates you can still use RecoverFaster24 for $50 off for the rest of the holiday season. Speed hound recovery boots can only be purchased from Speed Hound's website. Side note, I really like this brand of boots as they have a super slick user interface and the owner is actually a triathlete himself. He is really adamant that you love your boots even if that means you end up in a competitor. If you support small business Saturday then Speed Hound is a great option for this cause. I did a short review against Normatec here.

Air Relax - Save 10% (~$45) with Air Relax Black Friday coupon code BMT87. Starts 11/28 at 11:00pm EST and runs thru 12/02. After Black Friday, monthly coupon for 5% saving - coupon changes monthly - can be found here.  Air Relax is much more affordable than Normatec ($400 vs $1085) and they have gotten tons of solid praise over the years. Purchasing Air Relax is also supporting small business Saturday. Although the owners are not triathletes, they have been a blessing to work with over the years and it has been a wonderful family run business. I'll add that for the skinny-lean triathlete the Speed Hound boots width can be more appropriately sized. Air Relax really started as a medical device for a typical larger body in my humble opinion and has a more relaxed fit. Air Relax can only be purchased at their website. I did a review of Air Relax and Normatec here.

Relevant Links

- Normatec - No code necessary
- Air Relax Website - Use code BMT87 to save 10%
- Speed Hound Website - Use code RecoverFaster24 to save $100