Thursday, April 20, 2017

Aero Data: Vittoria Corsa Speed, Contintental GP TT, Continental Supersonic on HED JET+ 6 Black Wheel

In order to prevent a continued flood of personal inquires I promised I would expedite the release of Vittoria Corsa Speed aero data by this afternoon (4/20). There is lots more to come, this is just to satisfy those who have reached out to find out what tires they should race this weekend.

Thank you for everyone that contributed to the GoFundMe campaign to help make this success!!! Even though we didn't hit the target I am extremely grateful to see people value independent research. This seems like a true watershed moment and I hope as a community we do more testing in the future. For now, 7 years of good flat karma for those that donated!

I have started a Slowtwitch thread for technical discussion where the questions and answers will be answered and shared with all (if ok with Dan).

The following is the aero data from the A2 Wind Tunnel on 4/19/2017. I have release just the HED JET+ 6 Black data for simplicity. I also have the Enve 7 data.

We tested the 23mm tires (New SS and Corsa Speed) at 85psi, the 25mm tire at 81psi, and the 23mm OLD Supersonic which measures small at 88psi. Valve extenders was 72mm long. Tires mounted mounted in direction indicated by the manufacturer. Some tires had to be pumped higher initially to get bead to snap and then were deflated and reinflated to proper psi. The little plastic tips on the Conti tires were all plucked off prior to testing although some excess rubber as common with Conti tires is still on the center line. All tires were brand new, purchased by myself from retail stores. The exact same tube was used for all testing.

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