Air Relax Black Friday Coupon Code

New hip shorts from Air Relax
Air Relax's 2017 Black Friday sale is now over but you can still save $20+ on an Air Relax system with the monthly coupon code found in my Air Relax vs Normatec review. I don't anticipate another sale on these any time in the near future - in fact I expect just the opposite - a rise in price as manufacturing costs increase.

For what it is worth, in the last 18 months I can only think of two sales Air Relax has had and both happened on Black Friday. Those hoping for another Christmas / holiday sale will likely be disappointed.

Note, $20 offer is only valid on AirRelax's website and is NOT valid at AirRelax on Amazon 

Keep in mind the price of Air Relax is based on the size. The larger the size the higher the price.

I also did a short review with some pictures of Air Relax's new carrying case for those interested.