Costco Schiff Melatonin Ultra Discontinued - Scalpers Hit Jackpot Raise Price 2000%

Schiff Melatonin Ultra
Today I was at my local Costco and I was looking for one of my all-time favorite sleep aids, a specific version of Melatonin made by Schiff called Melatonin Ultra. This product was made exclusively for Costco and sold over the past several years but has recently been discontinued. The proprietary blend of Melatonin featured not only 3mg of Melatonin, but also 25mg of L-Theanine, 25mg of Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), and a blend of Chamomile and Valerian Extract totaling 8.5mg. The product really does work wonders and other Melatonin just isn't the same. 

Anyway, after coming up empty-handed at Costco I figured I would just order it from Amazon as I have ordered it this way before. For those that are not aware, there is an entire cottage industry of people who purchase products in bulk from their local Costco and then resell them on Amazon. This appeals to both people that don't have a Costco membership or simply don't want to visit the store for a single item. Tonight I went to Amazon and was astounded that the price, almost like the infamous pharma-bro Martin Skirelli's Daraprim, had risen over 2000% to $149.95. My last purchase which from Amazon was $9.99 shipped via 2-day prime, and I have purchased it at a Costco store for $7.99 from Costco. It was even $4.99 when it was on a Costco coupon promotion. Given the discontinuation, I wasn't exactly surprised that it had increased but I was shocked by how large the increase was and in a relatively short period of time. 

For those that doubt that this is selling or is just a temporary pricing error think again. According to eBay completed sales, which is public knowledge, it shows that these bottles are selling for north of $200. It is safe to say that I will be looking for a new brand but it goes to show how much we as a society value our drugs, products, and our brands and at any cost. 

Completed eBay Sales of Schiff Melatonin Ultra 

I have to imagine that Schiff will make this product again if there is enough interest but for now I will using my half bottle worth sparingly. For those that do need a natural sleep-aid or are not familiar with Melatonin. Melatonin is what your body produces in the Pineal gland to put itself to bed naturally. I have used a 3mg tablet 30-60 minutes before bed as an effective way to help set the bedtime process in motion. I did like this product and felt that it did a better job than other products but I am confident I can find an alternative even if it means sipping on Chamomile (Sleepytime Tea) in conjunction with another Melatonin product.

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  1. Have you found a good replacement for the Schiff Melatonin that Costco sold? I tried several different brands & none work for me like the Schiff brand. I got lucky, my mom had found an extra bottle & gave it to me. Its getting low so I went online to find it & about fell over when I saw the price! I understand everybody has to make a living but the price it's been jacked up to is a joke! There's no way I can afford to pay that much. There has to be something comparable but still reasonably priced.

  2. Have you tried Olly Restful Sleep Gummies? They've worked really well for me.

    1. I have not but I will look into those. In general I hate the idea of gummy meds. Just not a great idea.