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Many people know that I am critical of my peers and their willingness to work with anyone who has their checkbook open. Although I respect their personal decisions I have personally never worked that way in my triathlon career.

It is why I continue to race on a Trek Speed Concept despite buying every single one of my bikes. I simply want to race on the best equipment and see how far I can push myself. I will not compromise my goals of going faster for a check. Ultimately this attitude leads to many missed opportunities and sponsorship dollars and that is perfectly ok. I want to feel comfortable with every single thing I recommend to people and I don't want to make bad recommendations to people because I am receiving a check.

As a result, I support the value-for-value model of giving. That means if you get value from anything I do, it could be my writing, it could be answering personal questions, it could be my racing, whatever it is, please consider supporting the efforts.

Supporting me is simple, easy, and it doesn't have to cost you a thing!!!

Simply make your normal purchases for Amazon, Trisports, and eBay via the links below and I receive a small commission from the sale. I can't see what you purchased, nor does it affect the prices you pay on these sites. If using Amazon, consider clicking thru the link right now and just making it your Amazon bookmark!! That way it is automatic and you never have to think about it. Thank you for your support!!!

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If you prefer you can and/or make a contribution to my preferred charity Rails-to-Trails which focuses on making trails from old railroad lines.

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Finally is a direct Paypal link. Please keep in mind this Paypal link is mainly for people I routinely answer personal questions for. I DO NOT coach athletes, but I answer thousands and thousands of questions a year. To date one person has contributed with a personal donation, ever in 5+ years. If you have a triathlon or endurance related question please consider asking it publicly so it can be open to all. I answer questions on Facebook in the following group.