Monday, August 8, 2016

Normatec Recovery vs Air Relax Review - Compression Boots

Relaxing in Air Relax (top left)
Normatec (top right)
As an aging professional triathlete I no longer recover like I used to. As a result, I keep seeking out new and better ways to expedite the recovery process. Recently I discovered Normatec recovery compression boots and I absolutely fell in love.

Not only did I discover that the Normatec recovery boots are truly effective in helping my legs recover faster, but I also found them to be incredibly relaxing. I found myself looking forward to winding down at night and sitting in the boots as they massage away at my legs and I did work on the computer.

In addition to recovery, I also discovered that they were great for jump-starting the body. I may be 35, but I have more than a lifetime of pounding on the body and it can be quite stiff and achy some mornings. Using the recovery boots first thing is a great way to warm up the body and ease aches and pains. Using them after travel, both plane and car, has also been extremely effective. Just 20 minutes in the boots and the fluid build up, edema, and swelling in my legs is visibly reduced and the sausage look is eliminated. To say I am now addicted to my boots would be an understatement, they simply go everywhere with me.
Boots squeeze blood from legs helping it
back to the heart, lungs, and kidneys

The rest of this review will focus on two different sets of boots I currently own and use. Air Relax compression boots costs $370 and the Normatec Pulse recovery boots system are $1495. Both systems are AMAZING and you can't go wrong with either system!!! Both systems have add-on attachments like arm sleeves and hip attachments.

There are a few other recovery boot systems out there that I won't cover. Those include: Recovery Pump, Unix, Rapid Reboot, Normatec MVP, Normatec Pulse Pro, Normatec Pro, Podium Legs and Doctor Life LX7. I have experience with these systems and they either miss the mark based on price, quality, or features or are no longer sold.

Air Relax ($370 with coupon)

- Class II medical device designed to treat patients with edema or swelling of the legs. As a result they can go much higher in pressure. All the way to 230mmHg with 4 pressure levels

- Small, portable, compression unit, smaller than the Normatec MVP system but bigger than the newer Normatec Pulse.

- Come in two sizes. Regular is for people 5' 2" to 6' 0" and Tall is for 6' 1"+. Tall is ~$40 more.

- Newly update in late 2016 from the old orange boots. Now features distinctive dark grey boots that are higher quality, don't show dirt, and have hidden air hoses that don't get in your way.

- Available in both 110V (USA) and 220 (EU Asia).

- Highly affordable. You can buy them readily on Amazon or direct from Air Relax and save 5% by entering 36T9JFK at checkout (expires 6/30/2017).

Normatec Pulse (~$1395 with $100 off coupon code) 

- Have a battery. This battery is not designed for traveling as it starts to lose its charge immediately after disconnecting from the power source. It is designed to temporarily move the unit to a place where you might not have a wall outlet.

Normatec Pulse System
- 3 sizes. Tall for people over 6' 4", Short for under 5' 3". Everyone else is Regular.

- Pressure can go up to 100mmHg with 7 pressure levels.

- Can set time in 5 minute increments.

- Save $100 off a Pulse system. Enter RecoverFaster17 at checkout.

Many athletes have become familiar with Normatec Compression Boots thru Ironman event promotions, advertising, and pro athlete exposure. Based on the feedback I have received, I know that many people want boots but don't want to drop $1500 on a pair. Air Relax is the perfect option for these people. The feedback I have received from people who have gone Air Relax has been extremely positive and echos my own review. Both systems are amazing and you can't wrong with either.

Air - ($370) Enter coupon code: 36T9JFK (expires 6/30/17) at checkout to bring price down to ~$370.  
Air Relax on Amazon ($410)
Air Relax on eBay ($410)

Normatec Website ($1395) - enter RecoverFaster17 at checkout to save $100 on a Pulse system.
Normatec Amazon (Not available)
Normatec Units on eBay - Used and New (Various prices)

Lastly if you are a triathlete or endurance athlete, I am setting up a FREE Q&A group on Facebook. Feel free to ask any question you might have about Air Relax or Normatec Compression Recovery Boots or anything else.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Blue Seventy Wetsuits Coupon Code Promo

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with Coupon Code:  b70ThomasGerlach17
Save 25% at with coupon code b70ThomasGerlach17. The code is good on everything BlueSeventy carries including wetsuits, skinsuits, goggles, and core shorts.

No restrictions, you can save 25% on the top of the line Helix wetsuit along with their Fusion and Reaction lines. Coupon expires Dec 31, 2017.

For those not familiar with BlueSeventy. BlueSeventy has been making suits for over 10 years and previously had the partnership with Ironman for the M-Dot branded suits. There are a lot of other suits out there from Roka, TYR, Xterra, Aquasphere, Nineteen, and Orca. The most important consideration in my experience is a suit that fits properly. A suit that doesn't fit properly will be uncomfortable or let in too much water. In either case you will be slower. Buy a suit that fits first, features should come second.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Base Salt Coupon Code Promotion Rocket Fuel Aminio Hyrdo

Use Coupon Code Base15 at checkout 
For anyone interested in saving a few dollars on their Base Salt, Amino, Hydro or any other Base Performance product, please use Base Coupon code Base15 at

Base products are also available via Amazon Prime and available at

As for my own personal usage, well I have been using Base "Rocket Fuel" since September 2015. It started with my victory at Ironman Wisconsin and has led to Ironman finishes of 8:20 and Ironman 70.3 finish of 3:55. For me, I use 3-4 scoops of Hydro, a scoop of Amino, and depending on how hot it is, I will use 3-5 scoops of salt per bottle. 2 bottles for 70.3s.