$200 OFF Normatec Coupon Code - Discount Expires Dec 31st 2019

Save $200 on Normatec recovery compression boots with Normatec promo coupon code RecoverFaster17. Discount expires December 31 2019.

Note, special $200 off is only available during the holiday buying season. It will be live Nov 1st to December 31st 2019

Want to save $75-$127 today on a Normatec Pulse and get in your recovery compression boots tomorrow? If you are an Amazon Prime Visa customers you save 5% on Normatec purchases on Amazon. That is a savings of $75 on a leg system, $95 on a leg + hips, and $127 on legs + hips + arms. In addition you can get your recovery boots as fast as tomorrow with Amazon Prime with Amazon's amazing return service.

Interested in saving even more than $200???

From time to time Normatec offers even better deals that I become aware of. If you are interested in waiting to purchase and possibly getting a much better price then contact me thru the "contact" tab above and I'll send you a message when those opportunities arise.

Otherwise, have you considered checking eBay for lightly used or new units? Typically they can go for $700-$1000. Here are the currently available units on eBay.

Check out my Air Relax vs Normatec review
Have you considered Air Relax recovery compression boots? Air Relax is priced at $400 and is comparable to the Normatec Pulse and used by many professional athletes and champions. I did a short review of Air Relax vs Normatec here.

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