$200 OFF Normatec Coupon Code - Discount Expires Dec 31st 2018

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Save $100 on Normatec Recovery Compression Boots with Normatec promo coupon code RecoverFaster17. Coupon code expires 12/31/2018.

$100 coupon automatically applies at checkout when using this link otherwise enter RecoverFaster17 at checkout. Extra $100  bonus ($200 total) is no longer valid as Normatec's holiday sale is now over. Check back later in 2018 for Normatec's 2018 Holiday Sale.

Have you considered Air Relax recovery compression boots? Check out this comparison of Air Relax vs Normatac. Air Relax is less than $400 and is the choice of many champions. Rapid Reboot is another player coming onto the scene. They demo the boots at Ironman Triathlons events and are priced at 2/3 ($999) and feature the same signature black color as Normatec?

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  1. Thanks for the code! Used it today and am excited to try them out.

  2. Does the code ($100 off) still work, I tried, no luck.