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Save up to $210 on Normatec recovery compression boots with Normatec coupon code RecoverFaster17. Promo discount code expires December 31, 2020.  

Note, $100 off (RecoverFaster17) is automatically applied during holidays and no discount coupon code is necessary during that period.  You can save an additional 5% ($60) by purchasing your Normatec Pulse 2.0 on Amazon and using your Amazon Prime Visa card. This gets you a total of $160 off. $210 off is only valid during Black Friday holiday with extra special $50 dollar savings.

With Amazon you can get your Normatec Pulse 2.0 as quickly as tomorrow and you get the guarantee of Amazon's no-hassle return policy and great customer service!!! No tax and no shipping too!!!! Amazon has a 30-day return policy which is much more customer friendly and longer than Normatec's 14-day + restocking charge. Buy it on Amazon and it if doesn't work out you can always return it!

Normatec Pulse $995 sale on Amazon

Interested in saving more than $600 on recovery compression boots????

There are two more affordable brands of compression boots that I highly recommend including Air Relax and Speed Hound.

Air Relax is priced around $550 and offers much higher pressure than Normatec. I did a full review of Air Relax vs Normatec here.

SpeedHound vs NormatecRecovery Compression Boots 
Speed Hound is priced at 50% the price of Normatec ($695) and also goes to higher pressure than NormatecSpeed Hound vs Normatec here.

Both systems are quiet, durable, and have easy to use interfaces.

Otherwise, have you considered checking eBay for lightly used Normatec Pulse units? Typically they can go for $700-$1000. Here are the currently available Normatec units on eBay

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- Amazon Prime Visa Card - save 5% on all Amazon purchases
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Normatec Pulse used and new units on eBay

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