Tucson Triathlon Race Report 2011

After Ironman St George I took a few days off.  Rest is a crucial part of training that I value more then most, so I took Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off.   On Thursday I got in a recovery swim, and Friday I went for my first bike ride but ended up crashing.  I had some bad road rash and a busted bike, but it seemed like I didn’t have any broken bones.  My biggest concern was some knee swelling but there was nothing I could do, so I focused on more rest and more recovery.  My first day back to training was the following weekend at a little local race in Tucson called the Tucson triathlon.  I still had a lot of unhealed road rash but I raced anyway.   Here is a recount of that day:

Swim (10:37):  The swim was 825 yards in a 25 yard pool.  Unlike the serpentine swims I have done in the past, this one was all back and forth with two swimmers per lane.  I asked my swim lane buddy what he was planning on swimming and he said 10:30.  It seemed like a reasonable pace so I planned on just letting him lead.  We hoped in the water and before you knew it our heat had started.  I was good lengths ahead of him swimmer for a couple of laps, but I wasn't going significantly faster, so I just dropped off and let him lead.  I did have to play catch for half a length after each turn but it was no big deal.  We exited the swim in about 10:20 and it was clear there were many others who swam faster than me.

The Men Of Trisports at the 2011 Tucson Triathlon

Bike (27:55):  I knew I would have to win the race on the bike.  Minus the 26.2 miles at Ironman St. George, I had not run a single mile in 20 days and I had no confidence in my run.   The course had potential to be fast, but a 3-lap, 12 mile course over bumpy roads, with lots of turns and other distractions really slowed things down.  I got on the bike and focused on catching up to people.  I figured I was 10 spots down and with the other waves on the course I knew it would be tough to spot who was actually in my wave. Regardless, I focused on pushing out the power and moving up the ranks.  After 2.5 laps I caught up to the leaders but didn't know it at the time. The three of us rolled into transition and I was the first one out.

Run (18:05): The run is a flat, 2-loop, 3-mile course thru the University of Arizona campus.  I focused on quick turnover of the legs as I raced down the streets and to the start of the loop.  The course had good vantage points for viewing the competition, but I was running too hard and the wave start of the race made it difficult to detect if there was anyone.  I saw the head of marketing at Trisports, and asked her if I was in 1st.  It was all a blur as I just focused on moving as fast possible.  For the record I had not done any speed work in over a month and going fast was sending my HR and breathing thru the roof.  I was struggling, but as I continued on, I gained the confidence that I was in 1st place.  Coming down the finish line I could hear the voice of Tom Demerly bringing me.  I was relieved to be able to finish this training day in 1st place.

Overall (56:37): I didn't quite no what to expect but it was a good day back at training.  You can never be disappointed with a race win no matter how big or small the field is.

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