Making a Tubular Flat Kit for a Trek Speed Concept Draft Box

My Trek Speed Concept Draft Box
The question often comes up what can you fit in a Trek Speed Concept draft box? The simple answer is a lot. For me I always used it as a flat kit and it would fit everything I needed to fix a flat tire in an Ironman triathlon.  I have since switched from tubulars to clinchers and I no longer use the Trek Speed Concept draft box, but when I did, I stuffed it with the following:

1X Genuine Innovations Air Chuck SL

- 2X 16g C02s: Have to have an air source to get the tires pumped up. You could probably get away with 12g cartridges but I always packed 16g ones.

- 1X Spare Tubular: See the following article for the secret tubular tire.  I pre-glue it and pre-stretch it.

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- 1X Pit Stop Can and Cap: The key here is to take the cap off and have the white stick of the can sticking out the whole of the bottom.  You will only have the hole though if you don't use the hardware used to attach the draft box to the frame and instead use tape.  I'll use the Pit Stop if I think it will fix a small flat otherwise I will just replace the tire.

- 1X Genuine Innovations Flat Stack Multi-Tool: This is needed for at least attaching the Zipp Valve Extender to the tire before mounting.  It is handy as well if something else - like a seatpost - becomes loose during the race.

- 1X Zipp Valve Extender 60mm: I don't have this attached to the spare tubular already because the valve would be too long and the tubular wouldn't roll up as nicely.  The length all depends on what type of wheels you are riding.  If it is too long you may not be able to pump up a disc, if it is too short you won't be able to pump it up in any wheel.

- 1X Tire Lever: Can be useful in getting off a tubular tire before resorting to the razor blade.

- 1X Razor Blade: For getting a tubular off the rim after I super-glued it with many layers of Vittoria Mastik One.

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- 1X Tufo Extreme Tape: If you have ever ripped off a tubular quickly you know that sometimes all you pull off is the base tape leaving the basetape stuck to the rim.  If this happened in a flat situation I wouldn't rely on the pre-glued tubular and instead would put down the Extreme Tape. Be prepared for a struggle to get the tire on though with the extra thickness.

One word of note. I never used the draft box with the top and instead just covered it with a piece of tape.  I find that using the top really limits what you can get in because of the way the top attaches to the draft box.  3M Extreme Strapping Tape is amazing product that I use and can be purchased from Home Depot.  It is: ridiculously strong; somewhat transparent, isn't affected by moisture; is smooth; and can be peeled, put back, and re-peeled many times over.

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