Save 26% at Trisports withm Special Coupon Code - Special Sponsored Athlete Sale

NOTE The 25% sale is no longer valid, this is an old post however you can still save 20% at anytime in this year no matter what year it is by clicking here

We asked for it and Trisports gave it to us - a special sponsored athlete sale where our coupon codes are worth 25% instead of the regular 10%.  Sale is only valid on June 13-14th with a $25 minimum purchase.  Now is your chance to save some serious cash and help support me as an athlete.

#1 - Nutrition - Taste is very personal, but everyone can agree that saving 25% is great opportunity to stock up on all your favorite triathlon nutrition goodies.  My favorite Powerbar products include: Powerbar Performance Energy Bar - Peanut Butter or Cookies and CreamPowerbar Energy Gels - Kona Punch or Double Latte, and their Powerbar Beta-Alanine supplement.  I have been using the Beta-Alanine since last November and it has made a huge difference in my ability to recover from workouts.  My growth speaks for itself and is one of the few things I changed from the 2011 season to the 2012 season.

#2 - Compresson Socks - Compression Socks are my best friend and with Father's day coming up it even make a gift for an active or sedentary father.   I am wearing some right now as I type this and nothing is better when it comes to recovery then the following:  They are available at Trisports HERE.

2XU Compresson Race Socks
#3 - Race Tires - The difference in watts between race tires for the average user can easily amount to 20 watts.  Don't go with slow rolling rubber.  Last week I wrote a piece on my favorite 700c race clincher tires: Continental Attack / Force Tires.   If you are a 650 race tire user then I suggest the following: Vittoria Open Corsa 650C.  If you are looking for a tubular tire than I suggest the following: Vittoria Evo Corsa Tubular

#4 - Latex Tubes - It is true that they are a little more delicate in term of installation (just take your time) but the speed benefits are amazing for races and they are WAYYY more comfortable tor ride and are likely less susceptible to flats once properly installed.  You can easily save another 5-10 watts with latex tubes over the standard butyl tube.  I suggest buying 4 of these bad boys.  Between this and you tires you just bought 30 watts!!!!  Imagine going the same speed during an Ironman at 140 watts that someone else is taking 170 just because of tires and tubes.  This is what I use: Vittoria Latex Tubes

#5 - Training Tires - Going fast in training should not be your objective.  Going fast just means that you are going to do more damage to yourself when you finally crash and it gives you a false sense of speed in group rides.  I prefer to challenge myself and go with the slowest rolling, heaviest training tires I can find.  The benefits of these is that they are usually also very durable.  Pick up a pair of Continental Gator Skins at: Continental Gator Skins

#6 - Full-Finger Gloves - Nothing sucks more after crashing than spending a few days laid up with torn up fingers.  It pretty much means that you won't be doing any typing on the keyboard, texting on your phone or doing anything that demands finger dexterity.  I always where full finger protection while riding.  My MP3 player has tiny buttons and I have no problem with dexterity and the full fingers give me peace of mind and really help soak up the vibrations as well.  The key with full finger gloves is to go with MTB gloves as they are much more advanced in terms of protection and air flow.  The following is what I recommend and I also recommend sizing up: Giro Xen

#7 - Spare Race Tubular - If you are looking for a solid race tubular spare that is a little lighter and folds up a little smaller than look at the following: Vittoria Crono or Tufo Elite Jet

#8 - Good Quality Bib Shorts - A good pair of bibs can totally change your riding experience.  These 2XU bibs are the most amazing bibs I have ever worn and the Italian pad is like a pillow.  If you are looking for some high quality bibs look no further than the 2XU Compression Bibs.

#9 - Race Day Multi-Tool - Everyone needs a good multi-tool for racing that is light and compact but can take care of most of your needs.  The following multi-tool folds up to nothing and makes the perfect race day tool. Flat Stack Multi-Tool

#10 - Swim Goggles - Goggles are specific to faces so I won't recommend a particular goggle but everyone can use a new pair of goggles for training or racing: Swim Goggles at Trisports

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