Professional Triathlete Training Log - Weekly Swim, Bike, and Run Miles For Oct 15 - Oct 21

What I found over 27 days in Tucson, AZ
This week of training was the final push in punishing the body.  After a stretch of late season racing that left my bank account nearly empty, I got back into training this past month and made some quality deposits.

Every time I train in Tucson I keep a lookout for loose change on the roads and I almost always find some. It is a subtle reminder of the extra effort I am willing to go through that others may not.

The loose change is also a mental reminder to me of all the fitness that has been banked. Seeing progress is often impossible when looking at a single workout, but when you take a step back you can see the bigger picture.  To me this picture is a reminder of all the hard work that was done in the last month.  For those counting at home this is $3.50, found over the course of 27 days, and the oldest coin was a 1944 penny.

Now that all this fitness has been banked it is finally time to start making some withdrawals again.  Although I still have a few solid days of training this week, most of the real work is done, and I can finally start recovering for Ironman Austin 70.3.  I don't have any expectations of being fully recovered for Austin 70.3, but that is perfectly ok, and is all part of the plan.  I'm going to race Ironman Austin 70.3 on a slightly fatigued body and do my best to swim hard and bike hard.  If I am in contention off the bike, then I am giving myself the green light to run hard and see what I can do.  I know running hard will certainly affect my ability to recover for Ironman Florida, but if I can do well at Austin I'll take it.

Here are my weekly swimbike, and run totals:

Total: 294 Miles / 25 hours 10 minutes

Swim: 19,800 yards / ~11 miles / 4 hours 59 minutes
Bike: 223 miles / 12 hours 48 minutes
Run: 59 miles /  7 hours 22 minutes
Core:  0 sessions / 0 hours 0 minutes

Weight: N/A
Body Fat: N/A

Calories Consumed: N/A
Calories Burned: N/A


  1. I hope you get a podium spot. Take that change and buy yourself some much deserved Chobani :)

  2. Coy, The Costcos in the southwest don't stock Chobani. They only stock Fage in either the tubs or individual cups with fruit. Can't decide which I like better.