Professional Triathlete Training Log - Weekly Swim, Bike, and Run Miles For Dec 31 - Dec 06

Sunset from Gates Pass looking toward Kitt Peak in Tucson, AZ
Sunset from Gates Pass looking toward Kitt Peak in Tucson, AZ
This week turned into more of a recovery week than anything for me. I hadn't planned it that way, but there were a couple of things that were planned and a couple of things that came up that were unplanned. As a result, both the training volume and intensity were down.

Part of the planned activities included some New Year's Eve / New Year's Day reprieve, along with my parents coming in to town to visit. What was unplanned was a disaster of a Thursday. I had planned on riding up to the top of Mt Lemmon with the Tricats / MCTC training camp, however, as many know, I don't drive to workouts and instead force myself at the very least to bike to workouts. Normally this is never a problem when on my own, however, the Tricats had organized to meet for the ride at 8:00am which meant that I had to leave my house at 6:15am. At 29 degrees, I greatly underestimated the power of radiant energy, which wouldn't even come until 7:34am. As a result, after about 1 hour I went into some sort of weird hypothermic state.

I knew I was on the brink of disaster and forced myself to go into a Quik Trip to warm up. Once inside I became incredibly nauseous and I "popped".  I had a pre-syncopal episode that was only avoided by some quick thinking that I learned during my 7 years of working for the cardiac rhythm management units of Guidant, Boston Scientific, and Biotronik.  It took me about 1 hour to get my bearings and warm up to the point where I could then ride the 20 miles home. Upon arriving home, I knew was clearly done for the day and so I decided I wouldn't do any activity until I felt normal. As a result I spent some more time with my parents than I had originally planned.

Interesting Saguaro Cactus I came across this week
Although I did return to some sort of normal state on midday Friday, I still wasn't sure what to make of Thursday's event and I certainly didn't feel 100%.  As a result, I scrapped my treadmill session which I had planned for Sunday. I was excited to go under 16:00 mins for the 5k, but given my state there was no point in doing that particular session. Instead I opted for a tempo workout on the track and did 3x 5Ks with 1/2 mile recovery. Goal was to do them at 6 minutes per mile, and I had no trouble coming in at 18:42, 18:43, and 18:42. This is a pretty common workout I do a little later in the year working up to 5x 5Ks. Although I probably could have done the 5 today, there is no sense in being a hero in January.

Here are my weekly swimbike, and run totals:

Total: 121 Miles / 12 hours 45 minutes
Swim: 12,700 yards / ~7 miles / 3 hours 23 minutes
Bike: 82 miles / 5 hours 36 minutes
Run: 32 miles /  3 hours 45 minutes
Core:  0 sessions / 0 hours 0 minutes

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