3/11 - 3/17 Professional Triathlete Training Log - Weekly Swim, Bike, and Run Miles

Brushing up on my Spanish while in route to Mexico
I'll do a full a write up of my race at Ironman Cabo race at a later date, but first I wanted to make sure that I write my normal weekly update. I know this was a little late, but I had an epic travel day on Monday with so many SNAFUs, and then I haven't felt great since returning to the US.

Anyway, I always think it is important to document the training the week before an Ironman. If you have been following the lead-up to Ironman Cabo then you know that I definitely had some rough weeks leading up to the race, but on race week everything started to click. As always, I pay particular attention to how I am feeling mentally more than anything as that seems to dictate how I am feeling physically as well.

Overall the week was focused on recovery, and once I got to Mexico it was no different. While there was much to do in Mexico, I had nothing to do with it and focused on what I needed to do to show up on race day as rested as possible. This included staying out of the sun and off my feet. My training included:

Swim: 2900 yard, 49 min, MS: 6x200 descending on the 3:15 working up to 70.3 race pace
Bike: 34 miles, 1:53, MS: as 21 min, 13 min, 5 min at 70.3 race pace
Run: 3.5 miles, 25 mins, 1.5 miles at 6 min pace

Swim: 3000 yards, 47 min, MS: 1x200, 1x400 on 1:25 repeated 3X at Ironman race pace
Bike: 29 mile, 1:45, various intervals at Ironman Race Pace, longest of which was 6 minutes

Swim: - 2200 yards, 38 min, MS: 4x200 descending on the 3:15 working up to 70.3 race pace)
Bike: 8 miles, 30 mins, 3 min at race pace, rest easy
Run: 4.25 miles, 30 mins, all miles at race pace

Travel / Rest Day

Bike: 30 min bike with some natural efforts due to the terrain
Run: 8 min run at 7:30 pace

Swim: 25 min moderate swim @ the swim course
Run: 10 min easy
Bike: 12 min bike (rode my bike to drop it off at transition)

Swim: 2.4 Miles, 58:30
Bike: 112 Miles, 4:41:51
Run: 26.2 Miles, 3:03:02

And my weekly swim, bike, and run totals:

Total: 238 Miles / 17 hours 20 minutes
Swim: 13,600 yards / ~8 miles / 3 hours 37 minutes
Bike: 194 miles / 9 hours 35 minutes
Run: 36 miles / 4 hours 16 minutes
Core:  0 sessions / 0 hours 0 minutes

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