Spinervals 3-Pack 43.0 42.0 and Tucson On The Road DVD

I am sure after a long winter on the trainer that you are itching to get back on the road and do some real riding. While nothing can compare with the feeling of riding outdoors, you should plan on doing some trainer workouts all year long.

Some of the top reasons include:
#1 - No need to worry about weather.
#2 - No need to worry about daylight.
#3 - No need to plan and carry nutrition.
#4 - No worries about crashing, or worse, getting hit by a car.
#5 - No flat tires.
#6 - No "bonking" in the middle of nowhere.
#7 - Tend to be more focused on the exact workout while on the trainer then just riding.
#8 - More consistent experience / it's repeatable.
#9 - Can catch up on your favorite shows. ;)

All of these benefits result in better time efficiency and that allows you more time to train and to ultimately become a better athlete.

If you are in need of some new materials, I'm selling a Spinervals 3-pack of DVDs that include different coached sessions by Troy Jacobson. The set includes:

Spinervals 42.0 - Quads on Fire - Workout designed to boost FTP thru increased lactate threshold and power output.

Spinervals 43.0 - Aerobic Engine Builder - Zone 3 workout designed to help you ride further by increasing your aerobic endurance

On The Road 3.0 Virtual Reality Cycling - Tucson Training Rides - Features Mt Lemmon & Gates Pass Ride.

The 3-pack of DVDs is $29.99 + $3.99 for shipping:

If just interested in seeing the infamous Mt Lemmon & Gates Pass then purchase On The Road 3.0 - Tucson Training Rides DVD - $12.99 + $2.99 for shipping:

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