Best Cheap Ironman Triathlon Sunglasses - Aero Rimless Design for Cycling

Sunglasses are an important part of my cycling as they protect my eyes from harmful UV rays as well as objects like bugs, small stones, and wind. With that being said, there is nothing more frustrating than buying a pair of $250 sunglasses only to scratch them, sit on them, or lose them.

When it comes to triathlon sunglasses the most important thing is an aero rimless design. Most cycling sunglasses are not designed for triathlon because they have rims and those rims block your field of vision when you are tucked in the aero position and looking forward. Not only do rims block your vision, but they are also less aerodynamic as you have to raise/lower your head to see at times and this movement increases drag and slows you down.

Simply put, if the sunglasses aren't rimless, I am not using them for triathlon. I also want sunglasses that offer full protection from UV rays and impact, have great optics and are cheap and light.

My current recommendation that meets these criteria is the Crews Rubicon. Crews Rubicon cost about $10 and at that price I don't stress over something happening to them or buying a few extra to stash in the car, toolbox, etc.

At their core Rubicons are actually safety sunglasses designed to protect the eyes of workers and thus meet all the required safety requirements for impact and UV under OSHA guidelines. However, their rimless design makes them great for triathletes and allow for full viewing of the road without a rim in the field of vision. They offer great optics, come in a variety of stylish colors/tints and are lightweight.

Oakley EvZero Path

If you are looking for a name brand pair that is sport-focused and still rimless then check out the Tifosi PodiumSmith Optics PivlockOakley EvZero Range, Oakley EvZero Path. I have used all three and by far my favorite rimless option, costs aside, is the Oakley EvZero Range. I especially like the amount of coverage the EvZero Range provides for the maximum amount of facial protection.

Smith Optics Pivlock V2

Tifosi Podium

Amazon Product Links:
Crews Rubicon
Oakley EvZero Path
- Oakely EvZero Range
Tifosi Podium
Smith Optics Pivlock

My own Rubicon in 'Fire' and 'Emerald'


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  2. Bought the Crews. Wore them at Muncie and they worked great. Sturdy, comfortable, stayed put. I pretty much forgot I was wearing them, resulting in one less thing to worry about. My plan was to remove them on the run but for the reasons stated above I wore them to the finish.

  3. Any magic to the different colored lenses? One better than another?

    1. Meh they are all nice. I am partial to emerald though.