Amazon Prime Day Deals Cycling & Triathlon

I decided to take a gander at this 'huge' Amazon prime day. At heart, I am a consumerist and sociologist and I am always interested in consumer behavior. I'm not one for deals, and my overall impression is 'meh', but I did find a few products that I highly recommend that are great deals to good deals on good stuff that isn't junk. If you prefer not to order Amazon, you can also order from They do price match but you can't combine this with my 20% off coupon.

Joe Blow Sport Pump - My pump of choice actually for the past 7 years, great grip on valve, great dial, and shipped for $29.99

Wahoo Kicker ANT+ HR Monitor -- Reliable HR Monitor $39.99

Dznuts Chamois Cream - A great chamois cream that helps keep the saddle sores at bay. $11.99
Crankbrothers Multitool. A great high-quality multitool to handle any on bike issue. I have 3 of these, one for my commuter, tri, and mountain bike. $22.99

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