Professional Triathlete Training Log - Weekly Swim, Bike and Run Miles For Jan 23rd - Jan 29th

Yep This Was The Highlight Of My Week
Jan 23rd - Jan 29th:  This week was a huge step backwards for the 2012 season.  On Monday I woke up and rode to the pool - it was one of the most painful rides of my life thanks to a couple of saddles sores I had been neglecting.  What had been a manageable amount of discomfort had grown into literally a giant pain in my ass that was no longer tolerable. In an effort to get ahead of this before they turned into giant cysts I decided to shelved most of my workouts.  It's a really tough to let go of the training and fitness but I always tell myself that these things happen for a reason.  The key is staying positive and disciplined as I work towards proper recovery.

So with that being said, things got switched up a little.  I got in 3 hard core sessions and it is amazing how easy these are when you don't have big workouts before hand.  I haven't included those in my totals but will do so going forward.  I also got in an aqua jogging session.  For the saddle sores, well I spent a lot of time soaking in Epson salt tub, and getting in the habit of applying Bourdeaux Butt Paste afterward.  The highlight of the week was realizing they have a new maximum strength version that has 40% Zinc Oxide.  Hopefully I can get back on the bike soon but I am going to let the saddle sores fully recovery so until then I will continue playing The Waiting Game.

I did make it back to the track to repeat the 2x3 mile intervals that I have been doing.  The first one was 17:26 with 5:43, 5:51, 5:50 but I fell apart mid-way thru mile 2.  The sun was out in full force, there was little wind, and I was roasting on the track.  As a result I was totally baked.  Normally I would just pull the plug but since I got in so little this week I figured I better just suffer through it.  Unfortunately I find once my core temp rises that I am toast and that was evident on the second interval at 6:10, 6:23, and 7:22 for a 19:56.... ouch.  Never in my life have I bonked so hard in a workout before.

Here are my weekly swimbike, and run totals:

Total: 38 Miles / 12 hours 06 minutes

Swim: 13,400 yards or ~8 miles /  4 hours 0 minutes
Bike: 10 miles / 0 hours 40 minutes
Run: 20 miles / 2 hours 18 minutes

Core: 3 sessions / 4 hours 30 minutes
Aqua Jogging: 1 session / 40 minutes

Weight: 158.4 lbs (average over the 7 days)

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