Life Time Fitness Leadman 125 Triathlon Las Vegas

Save 15% on race entry with coupon code: LTFTRI18
Leadman Triathlon Las Vegas Coupon Code: LTFTRI18 - saves you 15% on race entry

It seems like everyone is always complaining about something at WTC races.  Don't get me wrong, I have my far share of complaints, but WTC is doing some great things for triathlon.  With that being said I always believe competition brings out the best in WTC, and this year I am trying to do as many non-WTC events as possible.  As a result I have made my first race of the season the Life Time Fitness Leadman 125 triathlon.  Here are some reasons why this race is a no-brainer for me and why you should join me at the race.

Top 9 Reasons To Do Leadman 125 Tri
1. Early season race that features a longer bike (~68 miles) with a shorter run (~8 miles).  This is a great way to test the body without wrecking the body in a longer run.

2. Great way to see parts of the Ironman 70.3 World Championship course if you ever decide to do it.

3. No cold ocean swimming with JAWS like there will be at Oceanside 70.3 that weekend.

4. No angry local peeps throwing tacks on the course like what happened at Galveston 70.3 in 2011.

5. Fantastic preparation for Ironman St George with a tough bike in similar desert like conditions.

6. Supporting another great triathlete series (Life Time Fitness) that will make WTC perform at their best.

7. Participants get a nice Hincapie bike jersey.

8. Save 15% on race entry with Leadman Tri Coupon Code: LTFTRI18

9. Views from the Valley of Fire bike course are breathtaking:

This Is My Six Flags - Redonkulous

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