Healthy Antioxidant Fruit and Spinach Smoothie Recipe

In this edition of Simple Triathlete Eating I share my recipe for my super antioxidant fruit and spinach smoothie.   Personally as someone who just has to get the calories in, I prefer to drink a lot of my calories.  Frankly it is much easier to do, empties faster from the stomach, digests easier, and ensures I am adequately hydrated.   Usually I have at least 2 of these smoothies per day and usually consume them immediately after workouts.  By doing this I consume over 9lbs of spinach per week.

The Holy Grail of Berries
Now for the record I buy Spinach in 3lb bags that cost $3.99 at the local Costco.  I also get my preferred berry mix there.  The mix of berries - all organic - includes dark tart cherries, blueberries, pomegranate arils, red raspberries, and strawberries in a 3lb bag with a price of $10.99.   I also buy the 192oz bottles of Costco 100% juice blend.  The blend includes grape juice, apple juice and cranberry and runs $6.99.

Super Antioxidant Fruit and Spinach Recipe:

1)  Fill blender with Spinach

2) Add 1 cup of water
Crucial Step - Blend Spinach First

3) Add 1 cup of juice

4) Blend that mother' until the spinach is liquefied

5) Add 1 cup of berries and liquefy

6) Add an additional cup of berries and continue liquifying

7) Add two servings of your preferred sweetner (sugar, splenda, honey, whatever)

8) Enjoy

In the end you should end up with a smoothie that fills at least two glasses and contains ~300 calories. It goes down like water and you can feel good about what you are eating.  It empties from the stomach  quick and I can get onto the next workout without any GI distress.

The Finished Product - Fruit and Spinach Smoothie

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