Professional Triathlete Training Log - Weekly Swim, Bike and Run Miles For Mar 5th - Mar 11th

My Ride For The Week - 29er Hardtail 
Mar 5th - Mar 11th: The plan for this week was to have a normal week of training, but on Monday morning it become very apparent that it just wasn't going to happen. I felt absolutely awful in the pool and as a result I really made an effort to dial back the swimming and running, while still focusing on the bike.

As for the bike, I got in a decent single 20 min interval on my road bike that came in at 331 watts.  It was a 90-95% effort and I didn't have time for a second one otherwise I would have gone again.  The rest of my biking was focused on getting ready for he off-road portion of the Desert Classic Duathlon.  This entailed borrowing a bike from Canadian Xterra Pro Christine Jeffrey and then learning how to ride it.  I went out to the Tortilita Mountain Perserve on Wednesday and Thursday to do a few all-out loops on the bike.  On Friday I headed up to the race venue for the Desert Classic Duathlon and got in a pre-ride of the course.  I knew that I very well might be the only one in the Pro MTB race so I wanted to make sure I knew the course from a marker standpoint but also how much traction I would have in the sandy corners at full-speed.

On Saturday I did the Desert Classic Duathlon and lucky for me I was the only male pro.  That meant that as long as I finished that I would be going home with a decent paycheck.  It also meant that I didn't have to get in a dog fight and instead just turned it into a tempo run, smash-fest bike, and then an easy run on the second run.  The second run ended up being the mostly brutally difficult trail-run and would have left me recovering from days had I run it at full-speed.  After the race I got in a solid swim and core workout, and then decided to test my fatigue on Sunday with a long easy bike looking for any residual fatigue markers.  Definitely no fatigue as indicated by a key metric for me avg hr 106 / avg watts 204 / time 4:36.  Any time I can go for a long ride and keep the watts over 200 watts with a heart rate in the recovery zone (100-120) then I'm good to go.

Here are my weekly swimbike, and run totals:

Total: 226 Miles / 22 hours 36 minutes

Swim: 12,200 yards / ~7 miles / 3 hours 41 minutes
Bike:  192 miles / 12 hours 01 minutes
Run:  27 miles /  3 hours 24 minutes
Core:  2.5 sessions / 3 hours 30 minutes

Weight: 157.9 lbs (average over the 7 days)
Body Fat: 6.9%

Calories Consumed: 36,118 / ~5,160 per day (as of Sunday at 9:30pm)
Calories Burned: 30,249 / ~4,321 per day

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