Professional Triathlete Training Log - Weekly Swim, Bike and Run Miles For Mar 12th - Mar 18th

Came upon this little fellow on my way home from the pool
March 12th - March 18th: Wow, where has all the time gone?  I find myself in the middle of March and my first big race of the season is less than two weeks away. My training has been on fire as of late and everything seems to be going a well, a little too well. I'm a fairly superstitious person so I'm going to knock on some wood real quick. Ok, so this week I really got back to my ways and everything was either super easy or rather difficult.

For the bike I got in three key confidence building sessions including a session as 3x10 with equal rest at 345, 361, and 373 watts.  That gets me back to or even a little ahead of this time last year, but on much less volume and I'm a tad lighter too.  I also did 35x (1 min on, 1 min off) in the 320-400 range on my TT bike.  Finally I got in a single 20 minute interval at 343 watts including the last 4 minutes of the interval on a steep descent.

For the run I didn't run much but got in back-to-back smashfest tempo runs after considerable amount of swimming and biking earlier in the day.  Both were on the track and were short little efforts of 1 mile warm-up, 3 miles tempo, 1 mile cool-down but I felt great.  I also did another run on the track consisting of a similar session but I did 6 descending 400s with 400 jog instead of the 3 mile tempo.  My last run was during a rare Tucson blizzard on the track Sunday afternoon and consisted of 5x1600 with 400 recovery at 5K pace.

For the swim I got in some hard swim sessions with some emphasis in doing a little preparation for the Tucson triathlon that takes place in less than a week.  Those specific sessions included mainsets of 2x825 fast with 175 yard recovery.  I don't do flip turns and it costs me anywhere between .5 seconds and 1 second per turn on average but I did them in 11:03, 11:00 and then followed it up the next day at 10:43 an 10:32.  The Tucson triathlon features an 825 yard pool swim and I hope to do it in around 9:45 or faster.  I realize that I am giving up 30 seconds in that race but I am just out there for a good workout and my only real goal is to show improvement in the swim and given the nature of the course it is a highly repeatable way to check my progress.

Here are my weekly swimbike, and run totals:

Total: 226 Miles / 25 hours 42 minutes

Swim: 26,100 yards / ~15 miles / 7 hours 27 minutes
Bike:  187 miles / 10 hours 31 minutes
Run:  25 miles /  3 hours 14 minutes
Core:  3 sessions / 4 hours 30 minutes

Weight: 157 lbs (average over the 7 days)
Body Fat: 6.5%

Calories Consumed: 38,796 / ~ 5,542 per day (as of Sunday at 5pm)
Calories Burned: 32,722 / ~4,682 per day