Professional Triathlete Training Log - Weekly Swim, Bike, and Run Miles For Nov 4 - Nov 11

The reason for my tempo run to Costco
I can't believe that in less than 7 days my 2012 season will be over. It has been a long season, and although I am mentality prepared to continue on indefinitely, I know my body is at its limit and needs some rest in preparation for the 2013 season.

This weekend I am planning to race Ironman Arizona.  It will be my 5th Ironman of the year, 6th if you count Leadman Bend.  I say planning, because you never know what can happen until you reach race day.

Although this week I had some amazing training sessions that have been a real confidence booster, I have also been met with some unforeseen pain.  The pain is not unusual and has been something that creeps back into my life as the temperature drops and is something I have had to deal with the last two winters.  I hoping that the pain keeps my volume and intensity down and ends up being blessing in disguise for my race next week. We shall see.

As for this week, here is what I did after Ironman Florida on Saturday:

Mon: 1400 mile drive back to Tucson

Tue: Easy bike to PT, easy bike to pool, easy swim with 4 fast 200s thrown in

Wed: Easy bike to Costco, easy run, easy bike to pool with two 1:30 anaerobic intervals thrown in, easy swim with 4 fast 200s along with 4x50 on the minute all out.

Thur: Bike 3x10 on the bike at treshold, tempo run to Costco

Fri: Run with MS as (4 miles fast just below threshold, 4x30 at 1:15 on 3:30), easy bike to pool, swim with 4x400 fast

Sat: Off

Sun: Run with MS as 5 miles at Ironman 70.3 pace with an emphasis on good form, endurance swim 2x(400, 2x200, 4x100, 8x50 on 1:25 no flip turns)

Here are my weekly swimbike, and run totals:

Total: 149 Miles / 15 hours 03 minutes

Swim: 15,000 yards / ~9 miles / 4 hours 13 minutes
Bike: 107 miles / 6 hours 37 minutes
Run: 33 miles /  4 hours 11 minutes
Core:  0 sessions / 0 hours 0 minutes

Weight: N/A
Body Fat: N/A

Calories Consumed: N/A
Calories Burned: N/A


  1. Monster season! Good luck for next race in Arizona Thomas.

    Couriosity: How do you say the fruit of the pick? grenade? I have a whole plantation on mycountryside, Elche(spain).

  2. Jose - they are called Pomegranates here in the USA. If you have a whole plantation it sounds like I need to come visit Spain.