Professional Triathlete Training Log - Weekly Swim, Bike, and Run Miles For Nov 12 - Nov 18

Helping out @ the Powerbar tent on Sat
Yesterday I had the opportunity to finish out the 2012 season with another top 10 finish at Ironman Arizona.  It was my second Ironman in two weeks and the second time in two weeks that I went 8:3X.  It has been an amazing first pro rookie season and I couldn't be happier with everything I have accomplished.

After the race, fellow pro Devon Palmer posted the following on my Facebook wall "COZUMEL! DO IT! ONE MORE ONE MORE ONE MORE".  Truth be told I don't have a passport, otherwise, honestly you might have found me in Cozumel.  Although mentally I am ready to continue this journey, I know that yesterday was tough.  The systems at times felt very much online, but at other times it was a struggle.  I am going home for Thanksgiving on Thursday, and minus some active recovery, I am going to give my body a chance to recover and rebuild.

I started doing these weekly updates at the very beginning of the season and I haven't missed a week since I started.  I am not sure if I am going to provide an update in the next few weeks and may instead provide a few summary posts of my 2012 season.  Rest assured that when the 2013 season kicks off that I will be back chronicling my journey.

As for my final week, here is what I did:

Mon: 80 min bike with 3x10 at 70.3 pace, 4x30sec on 2 at threshold

Tue: 60 min run with 4x3:00 on 6 at Ironman pace

Wed: 60 min bike with 3x7 on 12 at Ironman pace, followed by 2x30sec at threshold, easy bike to pool, easy swim with 4 fast 200s

Thur: 4.5 mile easy run with 2x3:00 @ Ironman pace, easy bike to the pool with two 1:30 intervals at threshold, easy swim 2700 yard swim with 4 fast 200s

Fri: Off with the exception of biking to the pro meeting

Sat: 30 min easy bike, 10 minute swim with a few surges

Sun: Race

Here are my weekly swimbike, and run totals:

Total: 233 Miles / 16 hours 19 minutes

Swim: 11,100 yards / ~6 miles / 2 hours 50 minutes
Bike: 187 miles / 8 hours 44 minutes
Run: 39 miles /  4 hours 44 minutes
Core:  0 sessions / 0 hours 0 minutes

Weight: N/A
Body Fat: N/A

Calories Consumed: N/A
Calories Burned: N/A

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