7-Day Food Log Journal for Ironman Pro Triathlete

Simple CARBS that sit well during training
"What gets measured gets managed" it is one of my all-time favorite quotes. Food journals are a a great way of measuring what you are eating to help manage body composition, macronutrient intake, and overall well-being.

Keeping a food journal is not something I do 365 days a year. I take breaks in the offseason but I find it is important for everyone, even if you only do it once a quarter. Simply put, it creates much greater conscious awareness, and tracking it even 7 days a quarter, will result in better eating habits for the other 12 weeks.

Personally I think I have a relatively clean diet, I also have a simple diet. I tend to vary foods over periods of time, but over 7 days the number of different foods I eat is low. On a typical day when I am training hard I will consume about 5,500 calories, however, since this is the off-season, and I'm only doing base training, it has trended down a bit.  

MyWeigh KD8000 Food Scale - My preferred scale
Lastly, I will say that the activity of eating is a highly social activity. However for me eating is part of my job and I have to take it very seriously. I eat to fuel my body and perform better on race day.

Below is a complete 7-day food log. This list does not show the amount of water, coffee, and tea that I consumed. It also does not include another small set of calories that I would get from supplements like fish oil and condiments like mustard, I don't eat ketchup. Everything I eat is weighed to be as precise as possible. These are the scales I use to weigh things.

Weekly Total of Calories (7 days): 32,606
Average Calories Per Day: 4,658

As far as timing of food goes. I am eat most of the carbs in the morning. Powerbar product is consumed during the day with Kona Punch as my go-to gel, and Strawberry Banana when I need a little extra boost of caffeine. At night I tend to eat more of the fats, proteins, vegetables and complex carbs.

Lastly if you are a triathlete or endurance athlete, I have set up a FREE Ironman Q&A group on Facebook. Feel free to ask any question you might have about Ironman Training or endurance sports.

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