Professional Triathlete Training Log - Weekly Swim, Bike, and Run Miles For Dec 3 - Dec 9

My Saturday Night Dessert
After a couple of weeks of active recovery, I finally closed the books on 2012, and made the switch to focusing on 2013. If you missed my annual training update then here it is.

Anyway, this was the first week of training for my 2013 season and I must say that it started out rough. However, with ever day that past I got stronger and stronger. Even though no activity had any sort of effort much above a casual aerobic pace for me, it was clear that the long 2012 racing season had taken its toll on the body. As a result, I have already changed my training plan this year to include a little more base building than I originally planned. In addition, I am focusing mainly on the swim/run for now and I am going to let the bike take a back seat.

I have also started getting back to core in an effort to build up all the structures that I believe greatly helped me in 2012 seasons in terms of overall durability. I have put myself back on the calorie counting regimen as well, and although I'm not eating to it, I think it is good to have a conscious reminder of what you are eating. I am planning to share a full 7-day log with readers later on this week, but here is a sample of my dessert from Saturday night.

Here are my weekly swim, bike, and run totals:

Total: 173 Miles / 22 hours 46 minutes

Swim: 17,600 yards / ~10 miles / 6 hours 18 minutes
Bike: 102 miles / 7 hours 05 minutes
Run: 61 miles /  7 hours 53 minutes
Core:  1 sessions / 1 hours 30 minutes

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