Professional Triathlete Training Log - Weekly Swim Bike Run Miles For Dec 19th - Dec 25th

Christmas week was another week of base building for me as I work towards the 2012 season.  Thankfully Santa came early and I got a new mountain bike to help me make it through.  The mountain biking is a great change of pace that really make the miles fly right on by.  In addition, I feel like the entire City of Tucson is one giant mountain bike park so the scenery never gets old.  The majority of the rides this week came on the mountain bike or in commuting to Trisports to get more Continental 29er mountain bike tubes.   The pool was closed for much of the week so I lost out on some key swim sessions that I wanted to get it.  As for the run, I really cut back on run volume this week but did get in one quality tempo session.  My training log totals are follows:

Total: 183 Miles / 16 hours 51 minutes

Swim: 13,000 yards /  3 hours 24 minutes
Bike: 150 miles / 10 hours 10 minutes
Run: 25 miles / 3 hours 17 minutes

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