Professional Triathlete Training Log - Weekly Swim, Bike and Run Miles For Dec 26th - Jan 1st

Top of Mt Lemmon With Mackenzie Madison
New Years week was my last week of base building.   Most of the rides and runs were pretty easy except for a challenging ride up Mt Lemmon with my old roommate and fellow professional triathlete Mackenzie Madison.  The ride ended up being about 92 miles, 6 hours in length, and 3,900 kj.  I used my road bike which has Powercranks on them set at 160mm and with a 53/39.   By the end of the ride my hamstrings were on fire. We got lucky though as we had beautiful weather all the way to the top and even at 7000 feet the temperature was still registering at 75+ on my Garmin Edge 500.  I had a few decent swims as well, but my running was really cut back this week. Here are my training totals:

Total: 273 Miles / 25 hours 30 minutes

Swim: 16,800 yards /  4 hours 33 minutes
Bike: 245 miles / 18 hours 36 minutes
Run: 18.15 miles / 2 hours 21 minutes

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