Professional Triathlete Diet - Mini Bell Peppers

Mini Bell Peppers Ready For Eating
One of my favorite words in life is the word "simple".  I really try to live by this word and one area where it comes in to great importance is with food. Honestly, sometimes I feel like I spend the entire day eating. Thankfully there are plenty of good foods that are ready to go and require little preparation.  In this edition of Simple Triathlete Eating I cover the mini-bell pepper..

Ahh the mini-bell pepper.  So much better than the regular bell pepper for a couple of reason.  The main reason is that you simply wash them off and eat them as is.  Now I'm sure there are people who just take a regular bell-pepper and eat it, but I don't like this because you you have the inside with all the seeds and it gets messy.  The alternative is cutting the bell pepper up but this is just a waste of time in my opinion.  In addition - I like to have some varied colors and this way I can get some yellow, orange, and red.

My preference for the mini-bell pepper comes in the form of a great little 2lb package from Costco.  It is rather affordable as well and costs only $3-$4.

Master's Touch Mini Bell Peppers From Costco

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